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Madagascar Extravaganza


Enjoying stay at Iharana Bush Camp, an extraordinary authentic accommodation.
Hiking on the rooftop of the Tsingy and having an “apero” on the Ambatomiloloha lookout with a panoramic view on the valley.
Luxury experience stay at Tsara Komba Lodge: rare, stylish and high spirit.


This is our favorite. The tour will bring you to the famous Tsingy, the most spectacular geological formation in the island. You will spend three nights at Iharana Bush Camp and will explore the massif every day on foot, bicycle or traditional dug-out. Enjoy a fantastic landscape from the rooftop of the Tsingy, explore wonderful caves where live some strange wildlife…The bush camp is also very nice:  authentic ethnic design, ecological concept, and well situated in front of a peaceful lake and a Tsingy massif! You will end the tour at Tsara Komba Lodge. It is a 4-star luxury hotel with a rare and authentic charm, in perfect harmony with nature and with the area’s outstanding biodiversity. It combines a stylish and exclusive ambience, an excellent Slow Food Cuisine, tailored services and excursions, in an atmosphere dominated by a commitment to comfortable luxury and ecology.

Madagascar Extravaganza

Upon arrival at the airport, meet and greet with your driver guide. Transfer to your hotel. Then, have city tour of the capital if time permits.

Get settled and dinner and overnight at your hotel.

Madagascar Extravaganza
140km – 3h to 4h

Upon arrival at the airport, meet and greet with your driver guide.

You will leave Antananarivo to go to Andasibe. You will cross a myriad of villages and get acquainted with the traditional lifestyle of the Malagasy people. With pretty golden grasslands on the background, you will enjoy the amazingly abundant rice paddies, chimneyless long clay red houses and millions of roadside markets displaying a variety of handicrafts, fruit and meat.

You will arrive in Andasibe late in the afternoon and get settled at the hotel.

Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.

Madagascar Extravaganza

After an early breakfast, you will have a full day devoted to discovering Andasibe parks and reserves.

The humid forest of Andasibe is one of the most beautiful and the richest areas in terms of biodiversity. These forests are located at an altitude of 900-1,250 meters and trade winds blow permanently on its Eastern part. They also shelter many animals, this way ensuring their preservation.108 species of birds can be found in the park. Some of them, like the Terpsiphone mutata, contribute to some plants’ survival. There are also 14 species of lemurs, 51 species of Boa reptiles including the famous Boa “manditra”, and 84 species of amphibians. In terms of flora, they are home to creepers and epiphytes such as orchids, mosses and ferns. We can find there various orchids with more than one hundred listed species.

  • Special Reserve of Indri Indri: 3 h to 4 h stroll to observe the biggest species of Indri-Indri lemur. Besides, some endemic species as Eulemur fulvus and Hapalemur griseus can be seen there. We can also observe a few birds’ species.
  • Mantadia National Park: at 1h30 drive from Andasibe Village, territory of the « Diademed sifaka », one of the most beautiful lemurs of Madagascar, and some species of « Roller ».

Provide a lunch at your expense.

In the afternoon, you will explore the VOIMMA Park: This Park is run by the village community. It is here that late-night strolls are carried out. There are many species of nocturnal lemurs and chameleons.

Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.

Madagascar Extravaganza
140km – 3h to 4h

After the breakfast, a last visit in Andasibe, the Islets of lemurs of the Private reserve of Vakona forest Lodge. The lemurs here have relative freedom. There are 4 species of lemurs (Ruffed lemur, Ring tailed lemur, Hapalemur, Propithecus diadema).

Provide a lunch at your expense.

Then, you will hit the road towards Antananarivo. You will arrive in late afternoon and get settled at the hotel.

Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.

Madagascar Extravaganza

Depending on the flight schedule, transfer to the airport and flight to Nosy Be.

Welcome and transfer to your hotel.

Get settled for a dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.

Madagascar Extravaganza
153 km – 4h to 5h

Nosy Be boat 45 mn to 1h Ankify car 153 km 4h to 5h Ankarana

After the breakfast, a morning visit of the Lemuria Land in Nosy Be.

Lemuria Land Park, a natural and botanical reserve in the middle of the ancient ylangs, that have made the reputation of the island of Nosy Be, and lush vegetation, welcomes you every day. Nearly, 3 hours visit max will take you to discover the endemic fauna and flora of Madagascar, of course, a large variety of endemic lemurs, but also reptiles including the most beautiful specimens of chameleons, crocodiles, various species of turtles , lizards …

After the visit, transfer to the harbor of Hellville and boat transfer to Ankify.

Arrival in Ankify, welcome by your driver-guide and 1h road to Iharana.

Get settled and dinner and overnight stay at your camp. 

Madagascar Extravaganza

After breakfast, discovery of the Tsingy in front of the Camp. Going for a stroll named “Tsingy Tsingy” that is designed especially by the Speleologist Jean Claude Dobrilla. Laid out private path with ladders, bridges, guardrails and panoramic viewpoint for Iharana’s guests are set for this stroll. The starting point is the camp itself with two choices: depart on foot or on a boat. Passing through the chameleon cave, this stroll will lead you to the roof of the Tsingy with breathtaking panorama of the surroundings.

Please bring:

  • light pants or short
  • walking boots
  • hat/cap + suntan lotion

A good health condition is necessary because there are narrow and steep passages as well as small steep ladders.

Spare lunch (provide a picnic lunch or have a spare lunch at the camp). In the afternoon, go to the Mandresy cave, after a stroll of about 20mn from the camp, along the Ankarana villages. At the entrance of Mandresy Cave, the guide will provide you cap lamp which is necessary to explore this huge cavity full of stalagmite and stalactite. A track has been designed so as to make the cave accessible for everyone. You will have the privilege to see some blind fish and the famous fruit bats of Madagascar called “Roussette” (Rousettus madagascariensis). You will also be amazed to see the different shapes of the stalagmites and particularly the size of the cavities which hide various magic places! On the way, you will find some cooking utensils, cooking pots and glasses because the caves were used as a shelter by the Ankarana people.

Back to the camp, dinner and overnight stay.

Madagascar Extravaganza

Morning devoted to the activity that is partly a “via ferrata”. Very playful, it requires good physical abilities. The activity is designed in the massif of Andranomiditra, 4km from Iharana Bush Camp.

You will cross Tsingy then a canyon with lush vegetation. Then, you will follow an underground river followed by a vast tunnel. A last corridor occupied by a water body will lead you to the foot of impressive cliffs. All difficult passages are secured by cables. Harnesses, helmets and headlamps will be provided by your guide.

Spare lunch at the camp.

In the afternoon, a bicycle ride is the best way to meet the villagers and see their daily routine; in other words, you can observe the everyday life of the surrounding villages. What a real adventure and encounter!

You can ride between sugar cane plantations, corn plantations or cassava plantations or along the rice fields. You will go across a canyon fit for the greatest western films where you can have your meal.

We warmly suggest this bicycle riding tour for those who want a picnic in a Tsingy canyon. You can think of it and tell us your wish.

Dinner and overnight stay at the camp

Madagascar Extravaganza
30 mn to 1h

Ankarana car 153 km 4h to 5h Ankify boat - 30 mn to 1h Nosy Komba

After breakfast, departure to Ankify in the National road 6. Stop at the Cananga plantation in Ambanja which lies in the valley of Sambirano, and visit. Spare lunch (or provide a picnic lunch from the camp).Then, transfer by boat to Nosy Komba. Get settled at your lodge.

Dinner and overnight stay at the Lodge.

Madagascar Extravaganza

Spare stay in Nosy Komba.

A well-deserve end of trip in Nosy Komba, just farniente or with fantastic excursions and activities on spot.

Full board basis or half board basis at the Lodge

45 min boat transfer + 1 hour flight

Nosy Komba - boat 45 mn to 1h Nosy Be plane - Antananarivo

Boat transfer to Hell Ville harbor then transfer to the airport and flight back to Antananarivo (depending on the flight availability and schedules). At your arrival, you will be met and driven to your hotel.

Dinner and overnight at your hotel.


Transfer to the airport and flight back.

Note :

The trip will be done with a 4WD vehicle (4pax per vehicle). It is the best means of transportation to travel through Madagascar.
Starting from 05 pax, a separate tour guide will be included
This trip can be done during dry period (the Mandresy cave is only accessible from mid-April to early November)
The via ferrata is only possible for children above 10 years

Madagascar Extravaganza

Our favourite tour, that will bring you to the Andasibe rainforest, to the famous Tsingy of Ankarana and to Nosy Komba…
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