Flight to Tana. Night on board.


Chameleon east Andasibe national park madagascar

140km – 3h drive

Upon arrival at the airport, meet and greet with your driver guide.

You will leave Antananarivo to go to Andasibe. You will cross a myriad of villages and get acquainted with the traditional lifestyle of the Malagasy people. With pretty golden grasslands on the background, you will enjoy the amazingly abundant rice paddies, chimneyless long clay red houses and millions of roadside markets displaying a variety of handicrafts, fruit and meat.

You will arrive in Andasibe late in the afternoon and get settled at the hotel.

Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.


Indri Indri lemur Andasibe national park

After an early breakfast, you will have a full day devoted to discovering Andasibe parks and reserves.

The humid forest of Andasibe is one of the most beautiful and the richest areas in terms of biodiversity. These forests are located at an altitude of 900-1,250 meters and trade winds blow permanently on its Eastern part.

They also shelter many animals, this way ensuring their preservation.108 species of birds can be found in the park.

Some of them, like the Terpsiphone mutata, contribute to some plants’ survival. There are also 14 species of lemurs, 51 species of Boa reptiles including the famous Boa “manditra”, and 84 species of amphibians. In terms of flora, they are home to creepers and epiphytes such as orchids, mosses and ferns. We can find there various orchids with more than one hundred listed species.

  • Special Reserve of Indri Indri: 3 h to 4 h stroll to observe the biggest species of Indri-Indri lemur. Besides, some endemic species as Eulemur fulvus and Hapalemur griseus can be seen there. We can also observe a few birds’ species.
  • Mantadia National Park: at 1h30 drive from Andasibe Village, territory of the « Diademed sifaka », one of the most beautiful lemurs of Madagascar, and some species of « Roller ».

Provide a lunch at your expense.

In the afternoon, you will explore the VOIMMA Park: This park is run by the village community. It is here that late-night strolls are carried out. There are many species of nocturnal lemurs and chameleons. Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.


145km – 4h drive

After the breakfast, a last visit in Andasibe, the Islets of lemurs of the Private reserve of Vakona forest Lodge. The lemurs here have relative freedom. There are 4 species of lemurs (Ruffed lemur, Ring tailed lemur, Hapalemur, Propithecus diadema). Provide a lunch at your expense.

Then, you will hit the road towards Antananarivo. You will arrive in late afternoon and get settled at the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.


Transfer to the airport to have the flight to Morondava (depending on the flight availability and schedules). Welcome by the hotel and get settled.

Provide a lunch at your expense, in Tana or in Morondava, depending on the flight schedule.

Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.


sunset_baobab alley_morondava_west_madagascar             

212km – 8h drive on track

Meeting with your driver-guide. Early departure to reach Bekopaka, the gateway to the Tsingy of Bemaraha massif. Passage through the famous alley of baobabs, green giants crowned with their canopy. We incrementally discover the unique western ecosystem of the Madagascar with its sparse dry forests. Crossing of rivers by a basic ferry: change of scenery guaranteed! Provide a picnic lunch at your expense, during the journey.

Arrival at the end of the day at the doors of the massif, and well-deserved rest at your hotel!

The passages of basic ferries require a little patience because they are the only way to cross these rivers. They are therefore subject to the river traffic.

Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.


Imacon Color Scanner

Imacon Color Scanner

Begin the discovery of the Tsingy of Bemaraha, by canoe down the Manambolo gorge with its caves. Then, visit the small Tsingy which will give you a glimpse of the great Tsingy. It is a massive karst structure shaped like accented limestone peaks. It has been forged by nature for centuries and is a shelter for many species of animals including lemurs and several species of rare plants. Provide a picnic lunch at your expense, during the visit. After the visit, you will return to your hotel.

Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.



Have an early breakfast and then drive to the Tsingy. Enjoy the splendid hike to Andamozavaky, the gate to the Great Tsingy, 17 km from the park entrance: mazes, joints networks and canyons with impressive dimensions that take you step by step to the top. You will pass through tunnels where it is sometimes necessary to get on all fours. You will have to go through the suspension bridge and its lookouts that have magnificent views across the park. Provide a picnic lunch at your expense, during the visit.

The trip is quite technical, combining many aspects of a mini-climbing: caves, Monkey Bridge, harnesses…

  • Distance: 6 km
  • Duration: 5 to 6h.
  • Interest: Tsingy forest, lemurs, wildlife, views from the lookouts, suspension bridge…
  • Difficulty: Moderate to difficult
  • What to bring: headlamp, good walking shoes, mineral water (1.5 L per person minimum)

Return to your hotel late in the afternoon.

Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.


156Km – 6h drive on track

You will leave early in the morning for a long trip to reach Kirindy reserve, about 50 km northeast of the town of Morondava. Cross the bushland that is typical to the West. You will then cross Belo Tsiribihina before going your way to Kirindy. Also, you will have a fascinating discovery of the Sakalava tombs as you get closer to Morondava, the capital of Sakalava Menabe.

Get settled at the lodge and you will have a nocturnal visit to spot nocturnal lemurs.

Dinner and overnight stay at your lodge.



65Km – 2h drive

Morning visit of the Kirindy reserve which is the best place in the whole island to observe the Fosa, the largest predator of the island, especially during the mating time between October and December. It also home to seven species of lemur. The most common are the common brown lemurs and the Verreaux’s sifakas.  Provide a lunch on spot at your expense.

Then, road back to Morondava in the afternoon. Stop on the famous Avenue of Baobabs in the late afternoon to watch the sunset. Get settled at the hotel.

Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.


highlands_landscape_south_RN7_encounter_madagascar 170Km – 4h drive

Transfer to the airport of Morondava and flight back to Antananarivo (depending on the flight availability and schedules). Provide a lunch at your expense, in Morondava or in Tana, depending on the flight schedule.

Welcome by your driver-guide and straight away you will hit the road towards the Great South. Discover the typical highlands sceneries with rice paddies and traditional red clay houses. Passing through the tiny city of Ambatolampy at the foot of the Ankaratra massif (3rd highest summit of the island). Continue to Antsirabe, the thermal city.

Get settled at the hotel.

Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.


ambositra_south_RN7_handcraft_encounter_madagascar230Km – 6 to 7 hr drive

In the morning, visit Antsirabe and its history. Famous for its thermal springs, the city economically burst at the arrival of the Norwegian missionaries who developed some pastures thanks to the fresh altitude climate. The French developed a thermal complex along the Ranomafana lake, where the buildings can still be seen. Possibility to visit the local art craft: semi-precious stone cutting, embroidery and traditional sweets factory. Continue to Ambositra, famous mainly for the master woodcarvers and furniture manufacturing. The Zafimaniry Capital is a veritable work of art, with shutters and walls carved in geometric designs. Provide a lunch at local restaurant during the journey, at your expense.

After lunch, you will drive to Ranomafana locality. This pleasant resort offers an open air museum sheltering various wildlife and endemic plants. Like Antsirabe, Ranomafana offers the opportunity to enjoy a thermal bath. Get settled at the hotel.

Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.



Enjoy a full-day visit in Ranomafana National Park. This park is located on a rain forested uphill that lies at an altitude of 800 to 1,200 meters. Ranomafana national park was created in 1990after the discovery of the “golden bamboo lemur” in 1986 (its scientific name is Hapalemur Aureus). This particular and amazing species of lemur has strange eating habits and can’t be seen anywhere else.

We can also find 115species of birds there, thirty of which are strictly forest species; 90 species of butterflies; 98 species of amphibians; some species of fish; and 62 species of reptiles, chameleons, lizards.

Dinner and overnight at your hotel.



355Km – 7h drive

Early departure and road to Fianarantsoa. Fianarantsoa, is an old royal city which became in 1830 administrative capital of the Betsileo region under the colonial power.

Leave Fianarantsoa to go to Ambalavao. Enjoy the magnificent scenery of terrace-rice fields and vineyard. Stop at Anja’s Reserve, a dry forest located at the foot of an enormous granitic dome, for the discovery of the « Ring Tailed Lemur ». It is a 2h30 ride.

You will then head to Ranohira through the grassy savannah plateau of Ihorombe. You are right in the heart of the Bara territory. Here, the Zebu regulates men’s life. People refer to it as the “Zebus’ civilization”. Arrival in late afternoon and get settled at your hotel.

Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.



Enjoy a whole-day discovery of the second biggest national park of Madagascar. The massif of Isalo, the oldest geological formation of Madagascar, is made up of sandstone massif ruiniform of the 1stJurassic era. The animals of Isalo are typical of the climate, the vegetation and the park’s geomorphology. Most of them are endemic species. There are 77 species of birds living at Isalo. Among them, we can quote the Benson’s blackbird or Pseudocosyphus bensoni, an endemic species of Madagascar which is much protected. There are also 14 species of diurnal and nocturnal lemurs, 8 of which have been introduced to Madagascar, and 7 are endemic to the country. Reptiles, amphibians, carnivorous, insectivorous and rodents complete the list.

Drive then to the foot of the massif of Isalo to discover the park on foot. Different possible visits on the spot: the natural swimming pool, the Canyons, the Nymph waterfalls or the Namaza forest.

Depending on your hotel and your needs, it is possible to organize a via feratta along the wall of the massif beside the Relais de la Reine hotel.

Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.


Toliara independance avenue

243Km – 4h drive

About 4-hour drive with stops. We head south to Toliara, a city located on a broad coastal plain, surrounded by dunes and mangroves near the Tropic of Capricorn in the Mozambique Channel. Enjoy the first glimpses of baobabs rising majestically in the middle of the savannah and the magnificent Antandroy and Mahafaly tombs. Free afternoon at the hotel.

Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.


Transfer to the airport of Toliara and flight back to Antananarivo (depending on the flight availability and schedules). Provide a lunch at your expense, in Toliara or in Tana, depending on the flight schedule.

Welcome and transfer to your hotel.

Dinner and overnight stay at your hotel.


Transfer to the airport and flight back.


  • The trip will be done with a 4WD vehicle. It is the best means of transportation to travel through Madagascar.
  • Starting from 05 pax, a separate tour guide will be included
  • This trip can be done during dry period (the Tsingy of Bemaraha is only accessible from early-May to early-November)

Available departures

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  • Watching the Indri indri, the Madagascar largest lemur, in Andasibe National Park and hearing his special chant upon awakening.
  • An awesome experience “walking on tiptoes” on the Tsingy of Bemaraha and explore in depth its canyons, gorge, caves,
  • Enjoy the diversified landscapes of the "RN7" (rice terraces, mountains, savannas, rainforests and spiny forests).
  • Photographing the wildlife among others lemurs, birds, chameleons, and even with great chance to get a shot of the largest predator of Madagascar, the Fosa …


Colors of Madagascar is a real comprehensive Madagascar tour. You will discover all the famous National Parks of the island: the Andasibe rainforest, the Tsingy of Bemaraha one of our World Heritage, the Ranomafana rainforests, and the Isalo Massif which is the oldest geological formation in Madagascar. The journey along the "RN7" is an opportunity for each traveler to enjoy and encounter the Malagasy way of life.