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The spectacular rainforest covered peninsula on Madagascar’s northeast coast from the backdrop for Masoala Forest lodge. Accessible only by foot or by sea, with a maximum capacity of 12 guests, the lodge is a heaven of tranquility. A luxurious outpost lost in time and nature. A place to relax, explore and connect with the natural world in all of its primordial splendor.


  • Bar
  • Big game fishing
  • Catering service
  • Desk
  • Kayaking
  • Restaurant
  • Sea trip
  • Snorkeling
  • Whale safari


Masoala Forest Lodge is located on Masoala Peninsula, on the East Coast of Madagascar. Nicely nestled between the rainforest and the Indian Ocean, it is reachable only by boat. This secluded hotel is a haven of tranquility.

You will like :

  • Birds and lemurs watching in the rainforest during day or night walks, plus amphibians (at least 9 frog species), a lot of reptiles (lizards, geckos, chameleons) and strange insects such as the Giraffe-neck Weevils
  • Snorkeling in the coral-rich Tampolo River
  • Sea kayaking to explore the reefs, deserted islands or beaches
  • boat excursions to discover the peninsula
  • easy and interesting walking trails in the rainforest surrounding the lodge
  • whale watching during the appropriate period (July to September)
  • Big game fishing off the coast
  • Encountering Malagasy culture in the village of Ambodiforaha which lives thanks to the rainforest resources