As a destination management company (DMC), we want you to make the most of your time and your money. We do understand that making the choice to travel is for you a huge investment. That’s why we want you to fall in love with Madagascar before even getting a foot in it. We want to inspire you to travel more. Don’t daydream about what you could do. Travel with us!

“Sound’s great but what do I get at which prices?” you may ask. Well, what about unwrapping your pack together?


Allée des Baobabs Morondava

We’re so happy you made the choice to travel with us! Today, depending on the flight schedule, we will proceed to your transfer to the airport and flight to Morondava.From there, we will have an 8hr drive (210kkm) to Bekopaka, the entrance door of the massif of Bemaraha.

Bring your camera because, we will cross the famous avenue of baobab trees, canopy-crowned green giants! WOW, it is one of the most beautiful place in Madagascar.And you know what? The deeper you get inside the area, the more you will discover the particular ecosystem of the Western part of Madagascar with its scattered dry forests. You will then cross the rivers aboard a small wooden local boat: a complete change of scenery! As you arrive at the entrance of the massif in the late afternoon, you will enjoy a well-deserved rest! Have your own lunch on the way. But don’t worry about dinner it will be served at your hotel where you’ll stay overnight!

Note. The local boat trips require patience since they are the only way to cross these rivers. They are therefore subject to the influx of road traffic.


Tsingy de Bemaraha

Yeees! Did you enjoy the beautiful sunrise? Hmm… We can smell happiness and good times from here! Today, you will have a transfer to the entrance of the park next to the office of Madagascar National Parks.

Let’s use the canoe, down the Manambolo gorge to begin the discovery of its caves. Then, we will visit the small Tsingy which will give you a glimpse of what’s coming next: the great Tsingy! It is a massive karst structure shaped like accented limestone peaks. It has been forged by nature for centuries and is a shelter for many species of animals including lemurs and several species of rare plants. After the visit, you will return to your hotel where dinner will be served. Before resting at your hotel, what a about staying outside a little more to enjoy fresh air?



Yay! Today we’re out and we will return to the camp late in the afternoon. Because we’ve got an amazing announcement: we will have an early breakfast and then drive to the Tsingy! So prepare yourself, don’t worry about tonight: we’re taking care of diner, and your room will be ready at the hotel! For now, met’s enjoy this!

Oh man, you will enjoy the splendid hike to Andamozavaky, 17 km from the park entrance: mazes, joints networks and canyons with impressive dimensions that take you step by step to the top! Ignite your adventurous soul through tunnels where it is sometimes necessary to get on all fours. This is the “must-do” thing of this tour: go through the suspension bridge and its lookouts that have magnificent views across the park. Breathtaking.

The trip is quite technical, combining many aspects of a mini-climbing: caves, Monkey Bridge, harnesses… So, find here all information for you not to be surprise when time to be brave will come:

  • Distance: 6 km
  • Duration: 5 to 6h.
  • Interest: Tsingy forest, lemurs, wildlife, views from the lookouts, suspension bridge and so on.
  • Difficulty: Moderate to difficult
  • What to bring: headlamp, good walking shoes, mineral water (1.5 L per person minimum)


baobab allee_avenue of baobabs_morondava_south west_madagascar

We’re about to have an amazing 8hr drive! We are leaving early in the morning for a long trip to reach Morondava, 210 km away from where we are now!

We will cross the gorgeous bushland that is typical to the West but also go through the Belo Tsiribihina before going your way to Morondava! Wow, admire the long avenue of baobabs that line on each side of the road! Isn’t that beautiful?

Also, you will have a fascinating discovery of the Sakalava tombs as you get closer to Morondava, the capital of Sakalava Menabe. Stop on the famous Avenue of Baobabs in the late afternoon to watch the sunset. Keep these pictures in mind as we’ll be heading to our hotel for dinner and rest tonight.



Few more miles to go before getting yourself home! We will proceed to your transfer to the airport for the flight Morondava to Antananarivo. There, you will be met at your arrival and transferred to your hotel, where you will stay overnight.
Use this time to relax. All these places you saw, and all these things that you experienced are very real. We are sure that you’ve found enjoyable the fact that you’ve been able to make this holiday time happen without having to worry about everything. It is sometimes necessary to stop a little, go elsewhere, to be able to make a new start. Thank you for trusting us!


Antananarivo, Madagascar

Don’t be sad. This was just a glimpse of every places you can encounter in Madagascar. Today, we are happy to transfer you to the airport for yourinternational return flight,as we know that you are about to meet family and friends again! Please, rest duringyour night on board. Your arrival the following day will be the start of your next adventure!


  • The trip will be done with a 4WD vehicle. It is the best means of transportation to travel through Madagascar.
  • You will be accompanied by a driver/guide
  • Starting from 05pax, a tour guide will be included from day 1 to day 6
  • This trip can be done from June to October

Available departures

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Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment


  • You will walk on the rooftop of the Tsingy and enjoy a splendid view in each lookout. Breathtaking scenery.
  • You will meet Sifaka, the dancing lemur, before reaching the first wall of the Tsingy
  • And you know what? These “Baobabs”, you’ve heard so much about them! It’s now time to take pictures of the sunset on the "Baobab Avenue" - on the way back to Morondava.


Are you searching for a very unusual place to travel? Are you looking for a gem? We can bring where it is located. In an extraordinary setting: you will discover a wonderful place,where greenery and rocks make good household. Suspended from a bridge you will admire one of the most beautiful sites of Madagascar.

The Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park is classified among UNESCO World Heritage. We all agree that the access is not easy, but gosh, it’s so worth it! How do we do to go there then? Well, from the capital city, we will take a local flight to Morondava then, a full day by 4WD on a rough track to reach the Bemaraha National Park. Due to its uniqueness and beauty, the Tsingy have become a must for nature lovers!

You want to explore every single reachable place there? Have 3 nights and 2 whole days to do so: discover the depths of the Tsingy and its biodiversity, just amazing and incredible moments!