As a destination management company, we do understand that making the choice to travel is for you a huge investment. We want your trip to be a satisfying and rewarding pick. Wedesire for you to have a crush on Madagascar before even getting a foot in it. We want you to travel more, discover more of this amazing world! Choose to make it happen. Travel with us! From Antananarivo to the Masoala Rainforest, what you are about to live isan extraordinary wildlife experience!

“Sound’s great but what do I get at which prices?” you may ask. Well, what about unwrapping your pack together?


Day 1

Excited. Aren’t you excited about this trip? We are about to lead into one of the greatest adventure of your lifetime! Today, depending on the flight schedule, we will proceed to your transfer to the airport and flight to Maroantsetra. We will be there to welcome you and transfer you to the boat for the journey to Masoala Forest Lodge!

Let’s kick it. After about a two-hour journey, you will arrive at the lodge. Discover this amazing place where you’ll stay for few days! Start gathering highlights from today on: enjoy exploring the beaches, swimming in the sea before going for a walk along the coast past Tampolo point, in the afternoon.

Relax. Delight and don’t worry about your accommodations, we took great care of everything. You will enjoy your lunch and dinner time at your hotel, where you’ll stay overnight.



About last night. How was your first night? How was your first time in Masoala?
We hope you brought you diary with you. Take time to everything down. Most of all, take time to live to the fullest. We only live once, it’s time for adventure.

Enjoy today. After an early breakfast, enjoy a walk down to the coast and up into the primary rainforest to look for the Red-ruffled lemurs, dwarf chameleons and other endemic wildlife in Masoala. YEAH: Don’t forget to bring your camera! After the visit, we will get back to camp by boat before lunch. About that: lunch and dinner will be served at your hotel!

Spare afternoon. Make the most of this time to rest a bit. It is also possible to go snorkeling on the nearby coral reefs or to have a guided sea kayak.



Encounter uniqueness. The Masoala Peninsula is a biodiverse place! Its rainforest is covering a gigantic space that hides various ecosystems. And today, after breakfast, you will start a guided walk through the coastal forest.

Crystal clear. Bring your hat, sunglasses and sunscreen as you will also enjoy swimming in the crystal clear water of Tampoloriver after a two-hour walk. We’re going to have lunch at the hotel, and to make our way back even more fun, we will return to the camp on a traditional canoe.

Spare afternoon to relax on the beach, swim in the sea or snorkel on the coral reefs. Depending on your mood, choose the activities that attract you the most! An advice? Try new meals for lunch and dinner! Make your stomach travel a bit. Let your imagination flow before going to bed, we will have an overnight stay at the hotel.


Queen's palace Antananarivo

No, it’s not over yet! Board the boat for the transfer to Nosy Mangabe Island, where you will explore the island with your guide in search of Black and white-ruffed and White-fronted brown lemurs, leaf-tailed geckos! Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about these cute little animals!

To get back to the capital city, we will first have a transfer by boat to Maroantsetra. Then another transfer by car to the airport for the flight to Antananarivo. You will be welcomed at your arrival and get transferred to the hotel where you will stay and rest tonight.


Yeah! How was it? Please tell us your feelings! We are now on our way to transfer you to the airport for yourinternational return flight. During your night on board, read your diary. Review all pictures you took. Close your eyes and dream of crystal clear water and feel the sunlight on your skin.You will arrive the following day.

Yeah! So will be your trip in Madagscar if you plan to come. We love to say that these are just words. But we like it even more when we see satisfaction on our client’s faces once they are here.


  • Guests should be prepared for the boat trips and forest walks with both sun and rain protective gear and suitable outdoor clothing and footwear
  • Guests should bring with them a personal flash light suitable for use in the lodge area and for night walks
  • Electricity is provided by solar energy with a back-up generator
  • Video and camera batteries as well as laptops can be charged in the lodge
  • Purified rain water is provided for drinking

Included activities at the Masoala Forest Lodge (In Sup Hotel):

    • Guided walks in the primary and coastal forest of Masoala National Park
    • Guided nocturnal walks in the surrounding coastal forest.
    • Guided visit to the local village of Ambodiforaha to experience the local culture and traditional way of life
    • Guided sea kayaking on the sheltered coastal waters. Distance and routes taken are weather dependent and suited to the abilities of the clients
    • Guided pirogue trip on the Tampolo River.
    • Snorkeling, with equipment and instruction provided.

Private forest trails and beaches at the Masoala Forest Lodge for self- exploration

Available departures

Please contact us.
Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment


  • You will wander in the park: make discoveries every day. From funny wildlife species to endemic gorgeous rainforest’s formation.c
  • Enjoying diving or kayaking on the lagoon after hiking in the forest of Masoala.


You want to travel andstill, you only have one week to do so. You’ve chosen Madagascar as your next destination and still, you don’t know where to begin. Well, we are receptive tour operator and we want to make this happen for you. Yay: We want Masoala to be the highlight of your trip in Madagascar! For few days, you will have an enjoyable stay in the last and biggest primary forest of Madagascar. Worldly known for its stunning biodiversity hotspot, Masoala is the place where forest meets the sea. It was classified by UNESCO as a “Natural World Heritage” site.

It is such an amazing and unspoiled part of the world! Each step you’ll make, your walks around, will allow you to get unforgettable memories. Enjoy the presence of your tour guide, there to show you the interesting species living in Masoala, like the red ruffed lemur or the splendid gecko called Uroplates! Choosing the superior accommodation option will let you have a great souvenir of your stay in the Masoala Forest, through its service and the quality of the environment.For sure, this is an inescapable Madagascar rainforest experience.