As a destination management company, we do understand that making the choice to travel is for you a huge investment. Even more when you plan to come for only few days. That’s why we want you to offer you the chance to enroll of one of our best tour! The following description of “extension to Andasibe” is was made just for you. Be attracted by Madagascar before getting a foot in it.

“Sound’s great but what do I get at which prices?” you may ask. Well, what about unwrapping your pack together?


Day 1

So authentic. Get ready! After breakfast, we will leave Antananarivo to join Andasibe (almost 140km). During our 3hr drive, you will cross a myriad of villages, see how malagasy people live their lives: small house, tiny shops, but great smiles on our faces. You will get acquainted with the traditional lifestyle of the Malagasy people!

So gorgeous. Pretty golden grasslands on the background, abundant rice paddies, chimneyless long clay red houses and millions of roadside markets displaying a variety of handicrafts, fruit and meat: be wowed by everything you’ll see!

So relaxing. We will arrive in Andasibe in the afternoon! But now, prepare your camera! On the way, we will visit the Peyrieras farm to admire reptiles and colourful chameleons! Once in Andasibe, get settled at the hotel where you’ll have dinner and your overnight stay.


Indri Indri, the biggest lemur Andasibe national park

So nice. It’s time now to delight in nature’s beauty. Two whole days devoted to discovering Andasibe parks and reserves!

So fresh. Andasibe is full of humid forest! It is often qualified as one of the most beautiful and the richest areas in terms of biodiversity! And you’ve got your foot on it! Do you know that these forests are located at an altitude of 900-1,250 metres?It means that trade winds blow permanently on its Eastern part.

So unique.You will quickly notice that Madagascar has got a unique fauna and flora diversity. At Andasibe, they shelter many animals in order to ensure their preservation! This tour is perfect for animal’s lover! Why? Because14 species of lemurs, 51 species of Boa reptiles (including the famous Boa “manditra”), and 84 species of amphibians can be found in the park. And not only! You will also be able to admire some of the 108 species of birds that live there. Some of them, like the Terpsiphone mutata, contribute to some plants’ survival. Talking about flora…Andasibe parksare home to creepers and epiphytes such as mosses, ferns and orchids (more than one hundred listed species).

Which parks will we visit? Well, it is a good question. We made a little list just for you:

• Special Reserve of Indri Indri. Let’s enjoy 3 h to 4 h stroll to observe the biggest species of living lemur: the famous “Indri-Indri”.Also prepare yourself to take selfies with some endemic species such as: the Eulemur fulvus and Hapalemur griseus, which are the #BrownNdGrey lemurs.Enjoy some few more birds’ species.

• Mantadia National Park. 1h30 drive from Andasibe Village, this is the territory of the « Diademed sifaka », the dancing lemur! One of the most beautiful species lemurs of Madagascar! Maybe it’s time to move it.

• Islets of lemurs. The private reserve of Vakona Forest Lodge is a beautiful place where lemurs have relative freedom. We will encounter 4 species of lemurs (Ruffed Lemur, Ring tailed lemur, Hapalemur)!

• VOIMMA Park.This park so special. It is run by the village community. Let your light shine ‘coz we’re out for a night tour to meet many species of nocturnal lemurs and chameleons.

Did you worry about diner? We’ve prepared everything! For these 2 days dinner will be served at your hotel. We also mention your overnight stay at the hotel.


Bamboo lemur hapa lemur Andasibe rainforest Madagascar

“What about a last visit? Yes, please.” Today, after a last visit in Andasibe rainforest, we will hit the road towards Antananarivo. Remember? We took that 140 km road the first day! It is now time to rest a bit while watching the beautiful scenery outside your window! Did you take enough pictures? You will arrive in Antananarivo after 3hr drive, in late afternoon so enjoy to take some now! Once there get settled at the hotel for your overnight stay


Queen's palace Antananarivo

How was it? We are sure that your pictures and memories are full of happiness and smileys! Continue to dream as we will transfer you to the airport for your international return flight. Night on board! You’ll be home the following day!

4 days seem to be so short, yay? But we can assure you that we will make every second matter. We are an Inbound Tour Operator and we want you to love Madagascar as much as we do. We want you to know its secret, as deep as we do. Trusting our company based on our word would be crazy. That’s why we want to come: get crazy about Madagascar through on of our amazing tours. Try our extension to Andasibe. Then, you’ll trust us for the futures ones you’ll pay for.


  • The trip will be done with a 4WD vehicle. It is the best means of transportation to travel through Madagascar.
  • You will be accompanied by a driver/guide
  • Starting from 05pax, a tour guide will be included from day 1 to day 4
  • This trip can be done all year round

Available departures

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  • Encounter Madagascar! How? Meet its largest lemur in the Special Reserve of Perinet. Choose the medium or the long trail to be sure to observe it quietly, without being disturbed.
  • How fun would it be to go out at night? How even great would it be to gofor a night walk at the VOIMMA Reserve to observe primate?Like the smallest one in the world: chameleons.


Yay. How amazing is that? The possibility to encounter Madagscar even if you are staying for less than an entire week! Still we can offer you one of our best tour in The National Park of Andasibe - Perinet. One must-see place: Mantadia,puregold for nature lovers. Three hours’ drive from the capital, to reach our treasure: a gigantic area covered by more than 12 000 ha of rainforest!

Break and Delight. You will have two whole days of exploration. Come and visit each reserve. Discover plenty species of lemurs, birds, chameleons, lizards and frogs!During your road times, take time to enjoy beautiful typical landscapes! Do you know that amazing things are happening in Madagscar? On your way you will see that this country is still green and fresh. So (so) fresh!

Tips. The best time is from September to January. Bring your hat and your enthusiasm!