Travel with us! Oh man, you won’t regret it! The “Exclusive cruise to Russian Bay and Radama archipelagoes” tour is just extraordinary.

“Sound’s great but what do I get at which prices?” you may ask. Well, what about unwrapping your pack together?


Day 1

Our very special tour will begin in the famous Nosy Be island. We will see each other at 8.00 am at crater port where you will meet with the ship’s crew. Now is the time for selfie lovers to take beautiful shots!

From there we will leave by boat from the port to Nosy Tanikely. We believe that this place covers one of the most amazing beach in the world. The ocean is even more beautiful than emerald. Hope you brought you swimsuit because today you’ll enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the Tanikely reserve. After our luxuriate time under the sun, we will have lunch on board. In the afternoon, we will leave Nosy Tanikely for Nosy Komba. We will arrive there in the late afternoon. What about mooring in front of the village?

Tonight we will have dinner and overnight stay on board. Make of the most of your day by enjoying the magnificent ocean and the view!


Day 2

Bring your hat and your sunglasses! Early this morning, we will go ashore to come around the small reserve to see lemurs, tortoises, boas, and so on. Don’t be afraid, our tour guide will be there to lead you all the way! Back on board, we will sail until we reach the beaches of the mainland which is Madagascar, having lunch, swimming time, relaxing under the coconut tree, sunlight and casuarina trees!

In the early afternoon, we raise the anchor and navigate until we reach the Russian Bay where we spend the night in serenity. Of course, dinner and overnight on board.


Day 3

After breakfast, we will leave the Russian Bay to reach the island of Iranja. Nosy Be is well-known for the several islands around. And Nosy Iranja is loved by travelers for its gorgeous green turquoise water, sandbank, and walk on shore. You will also have the amazing possibility to look turtles eggs hatch.

Feel the warm sun on your skin. Bring colors of Madagascar home. Enjoy your escape in the middle of nowhere. Be free to move, dance, swim and admire. Build your best memories in a place where the beach is fabulous and where the ocean is calling you. Because around noon, the crew will bring you back for lunch under the large awning.

After a short break time, we will leave for Baramahamay. It is a great anchorage, where you can go and meet the inhabitants of a small fishing village. What about visiting the school and talk with the teacher? Then, we will have dinner and overnight on board.


Day 4

You may have heard people around you saying: “Salama”! Well, this means hello in Malagasy! It also means: “We are doing great.” We truly hope you feel salama today because we will have an early depart from Baramahamay to Radama islands this morning!

On our way, we will make a stop in the middle of the trip on the “Vespal bank”. There, swim in the crystal clear water and in the late morning we will drop our anchor in front of the beach of Kalakajoro, where we will have lunch. Yes! Another great time to enjoy swimming and walking on the white sand. Then we will be mooring in Kalakajoro and have dinner and overnight on board.


Day 5

How was your night? Isn’t that wonderful to be able get in such an amazing place as Kalakajoro? Squeeze a little. Extend your arms. Enjoy the sunshine. Refresh yourself.Wear light and colorful clothing. Today we continue our adventures!

Youpee! Another surprise! After breakfast, we want to please you by going back to Russian Bay with stops in some paradise islands. And in the late morning we will stop for lunch, then for relaxation! Delight in this small paradise island, swim and enjoy the snorkeling time to find out beautiful corals. We will arrive at the Russian Bay in the late afternoon. Don’t worry about what will be on your plate tonight, we are taking care of it by having dinner and overnight on board.


Day 6

Today, we will spend a whole morning of swimming and snorkeling in the Russian Bay. You may think you have seen everything. But life always reserve us very surprise! Live like the first time. This is our last day! Enjoy it! Do not let anything pass. After lunch, we will head back to Nosy Be.


  • You will be accompanied by a tour guide
  • This trip can be done all year long
  • Taking-over from Nosy Be port to Nosy Be port
  • Based on a minimum of 04pax

Available departures

Please contact us.
Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment


  • Navigating a life time experience on board of a private and comfortable catamaran.
  • Enjoying each stop on those wild islets of the Radama archipelago.
  • Discovering the submarine biodiversity in each snorkeling point along the itinerary


Oh guys! What we are about to tell you is just incredible! Are you ready? We have a VERY SPECIAL tour for you to enjoy REAL HOLIDAYS. And this isn’t a joke. At the end of this presentation of our tour, we want you to realize that you can have the holidays of that you’ve ever dreamt of. Of course you will get fresh air, blue ocean and magnificent views for free. Still, we can even give you more than that!

We crave to make you visit the Russian Bay which covers: beauty, mystery and history. This place is also known for its gorgeous beaches and very impressive marine life. You will be on the first line to enjoy an underwater swim and swoop in there!

You will also live incredible adventures in the Radama Archipelago! WOW! Breathtaking. A succession of small coral and great islets, turquoise water, baobabs, mangroves and traditional fishing boats… what more could you ask for? The Radama Archipelago enchants diving and sailing lovers.