We are in Inbound Tour Operator, and our goal is for you to delight in your trip in Madagascar! And we do understand that making the choice to travel is for you a huge investment. We’re not only talking about moment, we’re also caring about your time. We want your every moment to be unforgettable. That’s why we want you to be fond of Madagascar before even getting a foot in it.

We want to change something in how you view travelling, because it will change you. It will have an impact on the way you’re looking daily at your direct environment. We want to offer you the best. Don’t day dream about what you could do. Travel with us!! “Sound’s great but what do I get at which prices?” you may ask. Well, what about unwrapping your pack together?


Fort Dauphin

Welcome! We are so happy you decided to have this tour with us! Today, depending on the flight schedule, you will proceed to your transfer to the airport and prepare yourself for a safe flight to Fort Dauphin.

First date. So, once in Fort Dauphin, we will be there to welcome you and drive you to the Berenty Private Reserve, located in the heart of a vast sisal plantation and owned by the De Heaulme family. During this 3hours drive, you will have the opportunity to see malagasy typical south landscapes: take time to rest!

Don’t worry, be happy. Yeah! Don’t worry about your accommodations, you made everything ready for you to enjoy your first day with us. What do we mean? Well, get settle. We’ll take care of lunch and dinner which will be served at your hotel, where you will stay overnight.



Gorgeous environment. On the way yesterday, you probably noticed the changes in landscapes, gently going from the tropical forest to a dry spinyforest. You surely mirth at its sisal fields, an exotic cactus,all around. 1936, De Heaulme family created the Berenty private reserve. We can now take advantage of this 240 hectares legacy that extends along the Mandrare River.

Personalized visits. Depending on your own time management and mood, your guide will organize your visits at your ease. So, take time to know each activities and choose what you’ll find best for yourself. Enjoy every moment during these two days! Like yesterday, we will take care of your lunch and dinner, and your overnight stay at your hotel. Also, get ready as you will proceed to your transfer to Fort Dauphin in the afternoon of day 3.

Endemic species. By visiting this private reserve, you will get the opportunity to encounter its fauna and flora that are the gallery forest type. Its fauna, which is one of the reasons why tourist do come, is obviously composed byfive lemur species that are particularly widespread:

  • “Sifaka” (Propithecus verreauxi),
  • “Maki” (Lemur catta),
  • “Tsidy” (Microcebus murinus),
  • “Sonygika” (Lepilemur leucopus),
  • And “Gidro” (Lemur fulvus rufus) from the region of Morondava.

The reserve also shelters turtles, chameleons, birds and butterflies that you will see during the different activities you’ll do there! So, don’t forget your camera. What about its flora? Well, it includes: Tamarind,Didiereacea, Euphorbiaceae and Liliaceae, that are endemic plants, typically found in the south and southwest of Madagascar.



So how was these 3 days of rest and discovery? Don’t let your fire go away, keep it bright. Today, you will have your transfer to the airport for the flight from Fort Dauphin to Antananarivo. We will be at the airport to welcome you! Then, we will take you along to the hotel, where a prepared-room will be available for you to rest.



We are so thrilled, you made it. On your transfer to the airport for your international return flight remember that we are happy it is not the end. During your night on board, take time to review your highlight. Ignite your soul in beautiful memories. You’ll arrive the following day.“Mandrapihaona” – see you soon.

Yay! There are so many places for your soul adventurous soul to visit still. Madagascar is just a glimpse of this amazing world we’re living in. Travel with us to uncover its great treasures. As a destination management company, the Berenty private reserve is one of our numerous tours.



  • The trip will be done with a 4WD vehicle. It is the best means of transportation to travel through Madagascar.
  • You will be accompanied by a driver/guide
  • Starting from 05 pax, a tour guide will be included from day 1 to day 5
  • This trip can be done all year round

Available departures

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  • Enjoy your stay in an idyllic setting: living the southern style,through its vegetation and its wildlife.
  • Experience the magic of the moment through raids in the reserve to discover the famous dancing lemur: “Sifaka”, and other species of lemurs.
  • Encounter Madagascar through diversity: people, fauna, flora, food, visits, and places.


Spicy magic. There is something magical about Madagascar. And we know that magic is often hidden in secret. What is wonderful is that our Inbound Tour Operator has a copy of the wand. And depending on your choice, we can take you where you want here in Madagascar. This tour is only one of the many adventures we can offer you. Take time to look closer.

Hot spot. The south part of the island is known for its spiny forest and its biodiversity.To discover this amazing place you will fly to Fort Dauphin and drive to the Deep South to Berenty Reserve! And you know what? During two whole days (yes TWO WHOLE DAYS): you will enjoy tours in the forest to observe the endemic wildlife in this extraordinary habitat. Get in touch with Madagscar by staying at a simple but very comfortable lodge.