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Luxury tented camping at it finest, interweaving unique wildlife, local culture and ecotourism…
As the sun rises over rugged mountains, fingers of orange light sparkle across the river to awaken the forest and camp within. The distant singing of the local tribe as they fetch water from the river, the morning calls of the Coucal and Crested Coua, welcome you to another glorious day on the banks of the Mandrare River.
The luxury en-suite tents are generously spread out in the shade of tamarind trees, all with breathtaking views across the tranquil water to the sacred mountains beyond.
The seclusion of the camp affords intimate access and insight to the spiny forest; home to an abundance of unique wildlife and the fascinating Antandroy tribe that co-habit this arid and otherworldly landscape.


  • Laundry
  • Outdoor pool
  • Restaurant


Mandrare River Camp is 3hr drive, in the north west of Taolagnaro (also called Fort Dauphin) in the south-east of Madagascar. Therefore, the best way to reach the camp is the 40 minute aircraft transfer from Taolagnaro.

You will like :

  • Day or night wildlife walks in the forest to see lemurs - the Ringtails, White-foot Sportive, Verraux's Sifaka, Grey Brown Mouse and Grey Mouse – chameleons, geckos, iguanas and if you’re lucky the critically threatened Radiated Tortoise.
  • Visiting the sacred ancestral forests, learn about the nomadic Antandroy Tribe, their traditional worship ceremonies and customs. Dive into Malagasy culture.
  • Going to the chatty local markets, having interaction with the local villagers and discovering their odd bargain.
  • Birdlife discoveries : the surrounding area, but especially the spiny forest is home to 15 bird species (crested Coua, coucal, etc)
  • The outdoor dining : having drinks among the baobab trees at sunset is among our favorites